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The Kid's Creative Writing Book

Bring your imagination - this book is the place to unleash it!

These pages are filled with creative writing activities, such as story prompts, descriptive writing practice, persuasive writing tasks, point of view activities. Informative, fun, and completely bonkers, all in one book!

A great mix of some quick activities and also space to write longer stories.


The Kids' Book of Letters & Numbers

A beginners book for learning to write letters and numbers.

Letters of the alphabet and single digit numbers.

Letter and number tracing, and writing practice.

Plus a colouring page for each letter of the alphabet.


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I Hope This Book Gives You More Questions Than Answers

Part activity book, part self help guide.

Within these pages you will find the tools to answer any question you might have.

With creative and thought provoking prompts throughout the book.

There is no artistic talent needed, just bring your thinking muscle.


How We Made a Baby Books

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A series of children's information books which explain to young children how different types of families have children.

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